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If you use a CMS (such as Joomla or WordPress) you should not try deleting the default CMS files unless you really know which ones can be deleted. Files that you may be able to delete are backup files (if any), or other files in public_html that are not the default of the CMS you are using. If the Disk Usage Summary above shows that the full Mail directory, you can go to webmail and then delete the emails in the Trash and Sent folder. Although previously deleted from Inbox, the emails that are still in the Trash folder have not actually been deleted so potentially spend the disk space hosting quota.

Still Full? Once you delete the files and emails but your disk space is still full, you should upgrade your hosting plan right now to accommodate more files and emails. One day when you visit your website and find that your hosting account is suspended by Rumahweb, this means that the hosting service has been suspended for a while. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. When your hosting account is suspended, all files, e-mail, databases, and other data contained in your hosting directory will not be lost.

However, in the suspend period it means your website, e-mail, and other hosting facilities are inaccessible. There are several things that cause your hosting account in suspend: It may be that you have not completed the billing (paying) hosting service we provide or you have paid but you did not confirm the payment so that our billing part is not aware of your payment. Your Hosting Account Too Burdening Server.

Your hosting account can overload the server too much so that it interrupts the continuity of service to other customers. Usually the load is caused by databases of too large and not optimized, hits or visitation rates are too large, scripting errors, and others. In such a case Rumahweb will investigate further what causes a high load server from your hosting account and provide the solution.

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