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AreaPort Vila
Primary phone number22964
Po Box61
Fax number25514

Vanuatu Beverage Ltd

Located in Port-Vila on the Efate island of Vanuatu, Vanuatu Beverage Limited is the first food & beverage industrial company of Vanuatu. The company was founded in 1972 by Daphnis Blanchard, a Polynesian pioneer with great business acumen. He started the company with no more than 12 employees, with different manufactured products ranging from soft drinks, juice, cordials, cooking oil, bleach and potato chips. Pepsi and Coca Cola were at the time the main imported products. The company was built on a 7 ha land, outside of Port-Vila, with a Spring Water Source located right under the factory. The source has been part of the company since its creation. The water is pumped directly from the artesian source, treated and used for the manufacturing of all of our products. Today, Vanuatu Beverage Limited is the proud manufacturer of Vanuatu Water, the unique natural spring water of Vanuatu, and the well-known Splashe soft drink, soon back on shelves.

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