Traveller’s Budget Motel, Avenue du Stade


Additional Info

AreaPort Vila
Primary phone number7756440
2nd Phone Number23940
Po Box3164
Fax number23941

Traveller’s Budget Motel, Avenue du Stade

For spotless budget accommodation ten minutes from the airport and close to plenty of daytime adventures, the Traveller’s Motel is excellent for the price.

Janelle’s experience in marketing Vanuatu and selling Tours is second to none.
Traveller’s has a distinct advantage here compared to other resorts and similar establishments.
The motel offers a number of amenities but best of all are the adventurous activities
that abound in Port Vila. Kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving lessons, sailing,
or just paddling around in the motel pool await you here.
For a community atmosphere where travellers can share stories with one another,
over well-priced refreshments and Port Vila at your finger tips –
this is a smart choice for travellers on a shoe string.

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