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Reliable Seeds for wet seasons – Vanuatu Agriculture Supplies

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Starting a vegetable garden at home is an easy way to save money, and Vanuatu Agriculture Supplies have the perfect reliable seeds. It’s wet seasons it’s the prefect time of the year to start planting. Here’s what you have to know about planting Terranova seeds.

– Snake Beans: Snake beans thrive in warm, humid climates with consistent rain. They do not like frost. Snake beans need to be watered during dry spells. They can grow during the Wet Season if the soil is well drained.If heavy rain or water logging is not an issue then snake beans can grow in most types of soil, including sands and heavy clay.

Snake beans can be harvested two weeks after flowering. This is generally 8 to 10 weeks after sowing.

Tomato Heatmaster Hybrid:
Excellent setting ablilty under hot conditions.
-Early maturing, high yield potential
-Fruit sets well even under hot conditions
-Large fruit size, slightly ribbed. Flat oblate fruit shape with glossy red colour. Good taste
-Large fruit size with high percentage over 85mm diameter
-Determinate plant habit with jointed fruit attachment to plant
-Good disease resistance including bacterial wilt

Chinese Cabbage, Pak Choi, Joi Choi Hybrid
Easy to grow and fast to mature.
Also known as bok choy or Chinese white cabbage, Pak choi is grown for its stalks,
which are used in Asian cooking. It is also delicious raw. Each plant bears 10-14 erect stalks, 8-10″ long.
Grows best in cool weather and can be grown as a spring or fall crop.

Chinese Cabbage Saladeer Hybrid
Suitable for all seasons in the Tropics
-An extra early hybrid for tropical lowlands
-Maturity 45 days after sowing
– Globular heads, 1.0kg, tender and crips, practically hairless
– Harvest all year arounf in tropical countries.
– Note: not suitale for cool areas because of extra early bolting

Lettuce Tropical
– Sure heading Vanguard type that performs well under hot conditions
– Medium sized round heads
-Mid green colour
– It has excellent tolernat to tip burn and bolting
-Very even maturity and size, gives good first cut.

Waternmelon Candy red
– Grey green skin colour
– Carries exceptionally well
– little tendency to hollow heart
– Red flesh colour
– long fruit shape.
– Maturity from sowing  15 – 16 weeks

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