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Hardware SupplierSouth Pacific Steel
AreaPort Vila
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Vanuatu Steel has the most advanced SPC size changing C purlin machine which can guarantee the quality of our processing. There are two kinds of purlins generally used in the world, Q235, and Q345b. Because Vanuatu has many cyclones and earthquakes, so we at Vanuatu Steel choose to use quality purlins with Q345b steel which is much stronger than Q235.

Purlin 100*2.5mm: 560vt/M

Purlin 150*2.5mm: 770vt/M

Purlin 200*2.5mm: 970vt/M

Purlin 250*2.5mm: 1,120vt/M

Purlin 100*3mm: 730vt/M

Purlin 150*3mm: 930vt/M

Purlin 200*3mm: 1,430vt/M

Purlin 250*3mm: 1,690vt/M

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