Nocchi Pentair Water


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Nocchi Pentair Water

Drainage of seepage water, pumping of rain water, from a grating or drain, pumping of domestic waste water, drainage of environments, bathing and swimming pools, industrial applications.
Fountains and water features.
Surface irrigation.
Type of liquid: partially effluent and dirty clear water, non-aggressive liquids.
Maximum liquid temperature 40° C.
Maximum submersion under the water level 7m.
Minimum drainage level 3 mm for model 80/7,35 mm for the other models (manual version)
Free clearance of solids 3 mm for models 80/7, 6 mm for the other models MOTOR
Dry motor with stainless steel casing.
Level of protection IP68.
Class F insulation.
Single phase power supply with capacitor permanently activated and thermal protection built into the motor winding.
Three phase power supply with external protection provided by the user.Completely insulated cable connection chamber.
Self-lubricating ball bearings.
Speed of rotation 2850 rpm.

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