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Fly in immersion into the drone wearing FPV goggles.

Very popular MJX brushless motors drone upgraded for you with a 600TVL FPV camera and a switchable power video transmitter 5.8Ghz 40 Channels 25MW/200MW/600MW, can be also made with 20Mw/200Mw video transmitter or 1000TVL FPV camera.

VR007Pro FPV goggles and video transmitter are upgraded with circular polarized cloverleaf fpv antennas for a longer range, better video and to be able to fly and keep a good video feed behind obstacles like trees.

All racing drones use 5.8Ghz video frequency so you can wear thoses goggles with any other racing/freestyle drones you want including micro drones and tiny whoops as well, screen is also switchable 4:3 or 16:9

NEW DRONE includes spare propellers, remote control, original battery and battery charger. Spare parts are very affordable and easy to find on the net.
Brushless motors are durable, powerful and reliable.
Support to mount Go-pro and xiaomi xiaoyi cameras is included.
FPV camera and video transmitter switchable 3 powers 25/200/600Mw, 0Mw can also be set when flying line of sight with no need of video.

NEW FPV Goggles includes battery, battery charger and upgraded fpv antenna.

This pack comes with an extra, new and fresh high quality Turnigy NANOTECH 7.4V 35-70C 2200mah powerful lipo battery so this pack comes with two batteries for longer flight times.

One more fresh Turnigy Nanotech 2S 35-70C 2200mah battery or Turnigy MULTISTAR 3S 65C 1400mah battery (price to negociate). I don’t recommend 3S batteries for beginners.

This drone is a good platform to mod with FPV camera and video transmitter for a beginner because the remote control will beep as an alarm when drone’s battery is low or when the drone is flying out of range, you can’t get those features with a racing drone. MJX drones are good quality and reliable products.

Worried about heavy crash? I’ve got some spare parts like spare fuselages and esc which are the main parts prone to be broken in crashes.

Same as a racing drone, this is not a GPS or altitude hold assisted drone, you’ll need to learn how to fly. And this is more a cruiser than a racer even if it flies fast in speed mode 2.

Camera angle can be set by hand before flying accordingly to your like and to the speed mode 1 or 2.

Why choosing this pack?
They are plenty of affordable toys fpv drones offers on the net, they have wifi video to connect to you phone which means a short video range and depends on you phone or conditions, video screen can freeze. Also they are equipped with brushed motors with a short lifetime and prone to burn if you fly in windy condition, hot weather or if you don’t let them cool between each flight.
Those problems are solved with brushless motors and 5.8Ghz video frequency.

It’s affordable, reliable and a lot of fun.


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