New Arrival – Tradebase


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Hardware SupplierTradebase Plumbing
AreaPort Vila
Primary phone number24225

New Arrival – Tradebase

  • Warning signs: 815vt
  • Bucket,window wheels: 2.570vt
  • Bucket,double pail grey 18L: 1.960VT
  • Bucket,double pail wringer blue: 1.610vt
  • Suite meiye c-CPLD P18: 45.375VT
  • Suite meiye WF P180 (6014): 47.860vt
  • Suite meiye wf s150(6014): 43.510VT
  • Suite meiye c-CPLD 8150(60): 56.720VT
  • Suite meiye c-CPLD s150(80): 26.850
  • Rockrooster safety boot #8 (40)ZS:16.060VT
  • Rockrooster safety boot #9(43)ZS: 16.060VT
  • Safety boot #9(43) ESL: 6.660VT

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