ASR275 Double Door Absorption Gas Refrigerator 265 Ltr


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ASR275 Double Door Absorption Gas Refrigerator 265 Ltr

1. 2-way fridge freezer( top freezer ), propane, AC

2. Adjustable, removable shelves with tall container

3. Gas/electric thermostat; Reversible Door and removeable handle;Power switch

4. Absorption refrigeration,no noise, no vibration, no Freon, no pollution, low energy

5. Very suitable for store beverage,canned drinks,vegetables, fruits,meat,  milk,medicine,cosmetic,

6. The refrigerator is ideal for installation in homes, farms, cottages, catering trucks, caravans, chalets or similar. With its silent operation and unique design, you will enjoy the convenience and comfort for years to come.

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