ANRC01 LPG Rice Cooker 25L RCR25LT


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ANRC01 LPG Rice Cooker 25L RCR25LT

Model: SB-GR05

Specification:25 L stretching pot materials used for the pot Al
Max capacity of rice: 14.5kgs
Gas type: man-made gas, LPG
Gas consumption: 1100g/h
Rated power: 15W
Product features:
1)Strong firepower. Just takes about 20min to cook a meal, it saves time.
2)Automatic temperature keeping. When the rice is done, main fire goes out by self to keep the temperature.
3)Convenient operation. Just press the ignition to light the cooking fire to cook.
4)Safe and dependable. The flame is burning in the cooker, free from outside influence.
5)Large capacity. Offers to about 150 persons to eat.

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