Roofing Corrugated

Roofing Corrugated Roofing White,Blue,Grey_Round 1000*0.6mm: 1,012vt/M Roofing White,Blue,Grey_Round 1000*0.5mm: 910vt/M Roofing White,Blue,Grey_Round 1000*0.4mm: 750vt/M Roofing Green_Round 1000*0.5mm For more enquiries, please use the contact box […]

Roofing Screws

Roofing Screws Self-Drilling-Screws SDS01: 74,75vt/pcs Self-Drilling-Screws SDS002: 51,75vt/pcs For more enquiries, please use the contact b0x provided!! *Click here to view our building material listings*

Square Steel Pipes

Square Steel Pipes Square_Pipe 25*25*2mm: 1,330vt/Pcs Square_Pipe 40*60*3mm: 3,400vt/Pcs Square_Pipe 50*50*3.5mm: 4,500vt/Pcs Square_Pipe 40*60*3.5mm: 4,500vt/Pcs Square_Pipe 50*70*3.5mm: 5,420vt/Pcs Square_Pipe 100*100*4mm: 10,430vt/Pcs For more enquiries, please […]

Roofing ( Trapzoidal)

Roofing ( Trapzoidal) Roofing White,Blue,Grey_Trimdek 1000*0.6mm: 1,012vt/M Roofing White,Blue,Grey_Trimdek 1000*0.5mm: 910vt/M Roofing White,Blue,Grey_Trimdek 1000*0.4mm: 750vt/M For more enquiries, please use the contact box provided!! *Click […]